A Hybrid Focus

Anthony Castronovo working on Heliotropis.

Anthony Castronovo working on Heliotropis.

Hello! My name is Anthony Castronovo and I am an interdisciplinary artist and educator in the United States. As an artist my work is mostly sculpture and I am interested in exploring the relationship between nature and technology, but I am also very interested in community-based projects. As an educator, for the past ten years I have taught a variety of art classes at different public universities in the states. My specialty is in teaching hybrid classes like robotic sculpture, art and engineering, and art and ecology.

Nacho, Eleonora, and I each have different qualities and experiences we bring to the table at Technergeia. My contribution will be through the presentation of topics related to educational projects and public art projects that combine the topics of art, energy, and sustainability. Having a close connection to the university gives me a wealth of different topics to share. Technergeia is a global collaboration with authors in three distinct regions of the world. This broad scope allows for a broad picture and broad potential for interaction with others.

Art and technology is an area of great interest for me because it is a combination of two of the most exciting topics for me. I have always been interested in pushing the boundaries of my art, where it exists, who receives it, and what it accomplishes.  For the past fifteen years I have studied and made sculpture with a focus on nature and technology and sustainability. My thinking changed drastically after reading the book Cradle to Cradle. I began to wonder where the Cradle to Cradle model was in art. How could I create a work of art that creates energy? This has become a core principle in my practice as an artist, and I see that energy both literally and metaphorically.

Today there is great interest in socially engaged works of art and various terms such as relational aesthetics and social practice encompass this type of art.  I believe that art serves many roles and this social role is one that has been evolving throughout the history of art. Today we see artists positioning their work in a variety of ways in response to the current state of the world. Some of these works may be documentary while others pose solutions, create technologies, and use existing technologies in creative ways.

The current situation for all of us globally is one with many challenges. Some of these challenges are drastically different based on our location, but we all face challenges related to climate change and energy resources.  I strongly believe that public art is of critical value during this time of transformation and it has great potential to bring people together. One of my goals for Technergeia is to present a voice of optimism and multi-disciplinary solution-based thinking to the world while stimulating conversations and bolstering the visionary solutions that aim to create a brighter, cleaner, happier future for all. Whether through art, architecture, or design, a global revolution is under way and through our discussions and actions we all have a vital role to play in this revolution.

Anthony Castronovo

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