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Emerging Cities in the Middle East

Emerging Cities in the Middle East | Jumeirah Beach, Dubai (Dubai) | © N.Zamora

Hello All,

I cannot imagine a more exciting topic to write about than the combination of creativity and technology. If we also incorporate the aim to build a more sustainable society, this topic becomes a passionate search for answers to many different questions, and from many different perspectives.

Technergeia will document solutions about the implementation of pioneer technologies within artistic, architectural and design projects. This idea comes from the need to research, to explore and to arrive to solutions through the opinion and the debate. We will not only document these new practices, but we will also pay special attention to their social, cultural and economical repercussions.

I am particularly interested to explore the context of each case study. The context is everything. It makes us understand why something is happening. We can learn from the context about the relativity of the concepts and the actions taken, always depending on when and where they were implemented. The study of each case is then extended to a much bigger field of understanding, because a project in New York has not the same effect than in Dubai, even if we think about today or just 10 years ago.

Being specialized in public art, I feel really fortunate to live in a period of time when (almost) everything is technically possible. The incorporation of new materials and technologies allows designers to create shapes and functions that were simple unthinkable just a few years ago. In this sense, the border between art, architecture and engineering is becoming more and more diffuse. Public art installations that implement this grade of complexity in terms of materials and technologies are usually developed by a team of multidisciplinary professionals. Due to this need to incorporate different backgrounds, the figure of “The Artist” disappears, giving more importance to the work itself.

I have always supported an ideal of public art created to provide a solution to a particular place, with its particular context. The balance between the artist’s signature and the value of the work in terms of context’s legitimacy is another key point that I will explore in further articles.

And finally there is a third line of interest derived to the new spaces for public art that are growing within emergent cities in the Middle East. The Arabic Peninsula offers a collage of Arabic culture and Western influence with the desert as a physical canvas. This experiment works thanks to the input of the fossil fuels based economy. Countries like Qatar or United Arab Emirates are running programs to implement sustainable growth systems that will affect the shape of cities like Doha or Dubai, and how they plan their public spaces. I will try to approach this scenario taken into account all factors that affect this special corner of the planet.

We hope you all enjoy Technergeia, and please feel free to contact us to participate with your views.

Thank you!

Nacho Zamora

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