3 responses to “Adults in All Sectors Need Sustainability Metric Education

  1. While we raise questions with family. friends and business associates on what is causing climate change, energy use and how to revitalize global economies, do we have a true perspective on what is needed?
    I think there are many organized efforts underway globally but I always wonder what it will take to draw attention to engage the skeptics into finding answers. For me, we created educational programs for the adult sectors who can legislate change and already have internal educational company compliant courses they must take. Also equally important is delivering this on mobile devices for the masses.

  2. I have a deep passion for educating on the need to marry eco-systems with human beings. There needs to be a deeper respect level for us all to survive. It is not enough to own an animal or plant gardens. We must learn how our neglect and even abuse of our surroundings is driving an unhealthy degree of pollution and chemicals into our indoor and outdoor environments.

  3. I totally agree, it makes sense from all sides. Your perspective on why this is not only important for the world, but also for businesses, and for employees…it is the whole picture. Sustainability makes sense for all of us, and embedding this within the corporate culture and employee education is a smart way to tap into a pre-existing structure to affect positive change. Thanks Kerry!!!

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