Breeze Shelters


Singapore is fascinating, an open window to the future of the big cities. The balance between the natural and the artificial has been taken into consideration at an admirable level. Of course we are talking about a wealthy small country. But not always these two elements mean this degree of commitment to develop such a pleasant combination of vanguard architecture, street gardens… and some revolutionary urban landscape design elements, like the Breeze Shelters.

If you walk the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade, then you may need some refreshment due to the typical humid weather of this city. The Breeze Shelters will offer you a cool break.

BS_004  BS_006

These three roof canopies have a fan activated by motion sensors, providing the pedestrian with a nice ambient to rest. The system is powered by an integrated solar PV system in the canopy.

The main structure is made of stainless steel, 5.3 meters height and 8 meters of diameter. The canopy, with 10 custom shaped glass-glass panels with poly-crystalline solar cells, produces 4 KWh, which makes this installation self-sufficient. In addition, the canopy has an illumination system by LEDs that will add a cool “blue” tone to the promenade.

The Breeze Shelters were developed and constructed by Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore in 2010, as part of the Waterfront Promenade project, a path of 3.5 kms located very close to the iconic hotel Marina Sands.

The positive impact of projects like Breeze Shelters, shaping the urban landscape beyond the design contribution, shows that the implementation of self-sufficient furniture is a smart investment.

Design, practical contribution and environmental message.



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Article and Pictures by Nacho Zamora. 


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