Technergeia.org is a non-profit weblog with a research purpose about advancements in technology and ideas implemented in new projects of architecture, art and design.  We will not only document these new practices, but we will also pay special attention to their social, cultural and economical repercussions.

Our focus of interest is all design applications related to sustainable technologies and clean energy. We cannot imagine the future without them, and we want to take an active part in their development.

The name Technergeia is composed of two words derived from Ancient Greek: techne, meaning “art”, and energeia, source of the modern word “energy”, meaning “work”, “activity”, “actuality” (in relation to dynamis, “potentiality”). Technergeia therefore brings together art and energy.

Technergeia.org is also a forum to exchange reflections, to discuss ideas, and to establish a wide network between specialists interested in the topic. We invite all of you to submit articles, questions or any other contribution you want to share.